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Daniel Granger
Daniel Granger
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A lawyer by training, Daniel has more than 30 years’ experience as a communications executive and consultant.

Thanks to his strong interest in both these areas and his numerous commitments to businesses, institutions and associations within the worlds of business and communications, he’s developed a thorough understanding of the profession and a keen sense for keeping abreast of latest developments in the field.

By bringing his keen analysis skills and strategic acumen to bear on each project he works on, Daniel makes sure each mandate achieves its objectives and meets the client's expectations.

Despite his busy schedule, Daniel has been involved with Special Olympics Québec and the Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS) for more than 20 years because he firmly believes in the paramount value of social inclusion as well as professional and community involvement.

Charlotte Blanche
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Charlotte is a naturally curious perfectionist who’s always had a strong interest in communications and writing. She considers public relations a career of choice as it’s the perfect forum in which to test her critical thinking skills and creativity, develop strategies and find innovative ideas to make her clients stand out and enable them to achieve their goals.


Recognized for her attention to detail and conscientious work ethic, Charlotte makes sure every mandate unfolds smoothly and as it should, with nothing left to chance.


Open-minded and enthusiastic, Charlotte is always looking to learn and make the most of every chance she gets to excel.

Lorraine Doré
Translator and editor
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Smart, methodical and highly accessible, Lorraine is an experienced translator who holds a bachelor’s degree in French literature and a master’s degree in English literature from Concordia University.


Having worked in the legal and pharmaceutical fields for many years, Lorraine has a great deal of experience revising and translating texts for a wide range of industries.

Claude Dagenais
Partner, Web solutions and photography
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Claude is a photographer, web integrator, system administrator and entrepreneur who comes across, first and foremost, as a lively and endearing human being. Marked by great achievements, his professional and personal career has spanned more than 20 years.

Claude is passionate about creativity and hard work and sets great store by quality of life and interpersonal relationships.

Manon Gélinas
Partner, Web tool development
In addition to being an experienced digital and traditional communications project designer and developer, Manon has a degree in andragogy and is specialized in computer science and training.
Not only is she keenly in tune with people’s needs, but she’s also responsive to the needs of animals as well as environmental issues whether local, regional, national or global.
Mark LaVigne
Partner, Toronto
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A seasoned media relations professional, professor and author, Mark is also an excellent guitarist and singer.


After several years spent as a journalist, Mark’s career shifted to public relations, a field he’s worked in for over 30 years. He’s also a lecturer at colleges and universities in the Greater Toronto Area in various media relations programs.


For many years, Mark has also been actively involved with the Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS).

Stuart Adams
Partner, Edmonton
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Long on experience and communications skills, Stuart is a creative problem-solver who enjoys finding effective solutions in today’s ever-changing communications environment.  

 Originally a writer and a media relations specialist when he moved into public relations from journalism in 1985, he’s been based in Edmonton where he’s worked with private and public companies, not-for-profits, and all levels of government. His creative nature has led him from media relations and media training to public consultation, and issue and crisis management communications.


Stuart teaches issue management and crisis communications for Edmonton’s MacEwan University. He’s a long-time musician and silversmith, as well as the founder of the Guy Lafleur Invitational Fall Classic Pitch ‘n Putt tournament that he has run since 1987.

Roderick Stanley
Partner, East Coast
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Roderick Stanley, BAA, APR, FCPRS has worked in communication management, events management and project management for almost 30 years.

His key strengths include communication and project planning, issues management, media relations, event management, internal and external stakeholder engagement (with extensive experience facilitating small and large stakeholder groups) - as well as research and writing for a variety of mediums.


Roderick has served several volunteer leadership roles in the Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS) including National Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.  He played key leadership and presenter roles in numerous professional development conferences.  Accredited in Public Relations for the past 17 years, he was recently awarded the title of Fellow of CPRS given his extensive leadership experience in communications management and education.



He is an experienced public speaker and has worked in several communication management roles in the not for profit sector, healthcare, education, provincial and federal governments.  His education background includes a certificate in Journalism (Holland College - Charlottetown) and a communication degree from Ryerson University (Toronto).  He continues to take on numerous lifelong learning opportunities.


In his private life, Rod enjoys painting, travel, music and time with friends and family. 

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